Consulting and Tax Planning

With over 60 years of combined CPA experience, our CPAs have the expertise to advise clients on a variety of issues, including tax planning, succession planning, preparing for retirement, and general business and financial management.  We work hard to not only help clients look back at what has already happened, but to help clients look forward to plan strategically for the future.  We are knowledgeable about and regularly assist clients with decisions relating to tax-deferred savings opportunities, such as IRAs (Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Inherited), 401(k)s, 403(b)s, profit sharing plans, and public and private pensions.

Individual Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns for a wide range of individual taxpayers.  We can prepare tax returns in all states and continue to serve many clients within and outside Arizona.  We serve retirees with limited income, hard-working families, small business owners, individuals with any amount of investment income, taxpayers with rental properties, and much more.  We have experience helping individuals with foreign assets comply with the complex IRS reporting requirements.  We are well-versed in the unique rules relating to clergy income and tax reporting.

Business Tax Preparation

We prepare small business tax returns for partnerships, S corporations and C corporations.  We have experience with a variety of industries, including service providers, restaurants, rental properties, construction, manufacturing, retail and more.

Estate and Trust Tax Preparation

We have also prepared many fiduciary estate and trust income tax returns, as well as estate tax returns, and have served as trustee and executor for several client trusts and estates. 

Accounting and Financial Statements

We enjoy working with clients to improve their own internal record-keeping procedures so that they can produce financial reports which are meaningful and understandable.  We are experienced in QuickBooks desktop and are learning more about QuickBooks Online.  We can prepare compiled and reviewed financial statements to help business owners track the financial condition of their business as well as meet the needs of banks and regulatory agencies.

Non-Profits and Private Foundations

For over 30 years, we have advised clients regarding issues related to the establishment and maintenance of non-profit organizations.  We are also experienced with the complex rules relating to private foundations.  We can prepare Form 990 series tax returns. 

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